Saatchi Gallery X Pavement Licker

When the Saatchi Gallery calls, you pick up the phone…

Josh Jones and myself are very proud to have been asked by one of the world’s most famous art galleries to produce the show book, OOH advertising campaign and to write on their gallery walls for their incredible rave retrospective Sweet Harmony: Rave Today, which is their 2019 summer show. Using Mustafa Hulusi’s ‘Expander’ image we created the identity for all visual communication from stickers to 48-sheets. We created a 100 page book featuring the artists in the show, including Conrad Shawcross, MYLO, Vinca Petersen, Chelsea-Louise Berlin, Sheryl Garratt, Dave Swindells, Bill Brewster, Seth Troxler and Phil Moffa’s Lost Souls Of Saturn project, Project Zoltar, as well as bringing in our own flavour with DJ Paulette, Jimmy Cauty, Liquid and Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter. Using 90s style mags and rave zines as an inspiration we’re very proud of it, not least because this is the first time Saatchi has done OOH advertising for a show and first time they’ve used external people to create a book for them. Big thanks to Philly Adams and Kobi Prempeh for getting us involved.

Role: Art Director / Book Designer
Agency: Pavement Licker
Client: Saatchi Gallery
Editor / Artist Liaison: Josh Jones
Artist: Mustafa Hulusi
Gallery Director: Philly Adams
Gallery Curator: Kobi Prempeh
Media Agency: Jacks Art
Platform: Print / OOH / Publication / Gallery