I am an individual who has the rare ability to find the gold that lives between too safe and too controversial.  Having grown up fascinated by an eclectic mix of underground cultures, I now carry this anarchic way of thinking into my work using my vast knowledge and passion for street trends, sub-cultures, art and fashion to produce truly authentic, culturally significant pieces with a maverick flare and commercial focus.

My work has been banned by London Underground, worn by supermodels, exhibited
in New York, London and Tokyo, read on the toilet, been drunk out of, written about, printed in coffee table books, tattooed on human skin, broadcast on the news, broken
the law, stuck on kid’s lunch boxes and displayed on the UK's biggest billboard.

I am a creative powerhouse, an illustrator of sorts and the creator of the world famous and influential art ‘zine Pavement Licker.  I have over 20 years’ experience working with some of the world’s most diverse brands.  

Whether it’s a gallery show in Tokyo, a commission for Nike, a global drinks campaign for Diageo or branding for a heritage footwear brand, I put my heart and soul
into my work.